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Susan Fekete


Writing wrongs.

Early on, writers are told "Write what you know." Although I composed my first story at the age of five, it took me years to feel like I knew anything worth writing. 

Then, some years ago, I made a vow to give up my Don Quixote act and stop fighting unwinnable fights - a thing easier said than done. I decided at the very least, I might write about them.  Something I knew. Something worth writing.  So instead of windmills, now I seek out experiences that need to be deconstructed. I look for the places that I, or someone else, missed the mark and imagine how we might have got it right.


I write about love and its opposite, fear. In my world, that means I also write a lot about things like family, addiction, loss, community, social justice. It also means that I write about small things, even doing laundry, when there's something true, human, and connected inside of it.


Many of us have learned it's the best we can hope for - an honest connection and, if we're lucky, love. I hope you connect with something here. And if I'm lucky, you'll find a word or two to love. 


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