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Days 8 & 9 - 30 Poems/30 Days

Day 8 - Our prompt had to do with magic. Day 9 was about imagined disease and discovered cures. Here's "Magic Box" and "45, Hungry Thing"

"Magic Box"

There is a noisy box in the corner

He calls it magic

and tugs

and tugs

at her apron strings



Silence is magic to her

and it is never quiet here.

"45, Hungry Thing"

When I was a child

I read a book

several times over.

I read most then books several times over.

I devoured words

like the Hungry Thing

in the book I read.

He was empty.

and asked for things

like schmanckaes and feetloaf

and ate ate ate ate ate.

Until one day he was full

and he said thank you

and went away.

Decades later

you, Hungry Thing

devour our rich pantry.

Emptying the larder.

We feed you

tender, raw children's minds and hearts

poached elephants

fried veterans

diced budgets

and quench you via pipeline plastic straws.

If I could feed you,

I would feed you.

I would feed you like medicine for the dying.

I would feed you myself and every morsel I have ever eaten.

I would feed you my hope and the children I chose not to bear

I would make a sauce of my memory to decorate your plate

To decorate your palate

To decorate your palace

I would make a soup of my own bones

if you would eat it


like the Hungry Thing in my childhood book,

if you would go away.

I would feed you my world

you blind menace

if you then

spare the children

untouch the women

leave the village

don't bother with thanks


go away.

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